GO Brooklyn Art weekend is over and here is the result

To be honest we didn’t expect much of foot traffic during this GO Brooklyn open studio weekend. Even though we live/work in a very artist saturated neighborhood, just as anywhere there are clusters of studios. We are not located in one… So we safely assumed that it would be a laid back casual weekend and Carlos will even get some more work in the studio while I man our space at the Governors Island Art Fair that weekend.

Boy, we were wrong! At some points there were bottlenecks at the door and Carlos was so tired after talking non-stop all day, that he could hardly mumble “Hello”, when I finally came home. Needless to say were pleasantly┬ásurprised at this awesome mention (and a quote!) on Art Fag City blog. Yeay for us!

Also, now there are some handy statistics available about how many people came out and voted for the artists.


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