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Tricks and Tips for Good Product Photography

                          Photo by  StanLeather Many of us who are selling their art and crafts online may have to settle with doing our own product photography. You can also ask your photographer buddy to do a product shoot for you if you’re lucky. But for […]

Poppies and Wild Flowers Bouquet decanter by Yevgenia

Poppies and Wild Flowers Bouquet Decanter

So I’ve been on a roll with bouquet designs. I think they are especially dramatic on the glass surfaces since the flower volume appears magnified and multiplied. So here is the latest on the series. It was a custom design for a repeat customer’s wife’s birthday. Check it out! If you do like what you […]

hand painted Pansies herb pod by Yevgenia

Custom Pansies Herb Pod

I thought I would show you one of the recent custom orders i did for the upcoming Mother’s Day. I’ve been wanting to do pansies for a while but was always sidetracked by some other design. So here it is for your viewership!           If you like this you can always order […]

Monoco shop - Yevgenia store view

Artwares by Yevgenia on MONOCO

I’m excited to say that my eco-cups are being sold in Japan! For 5 days only the sale is taking place on MONOCO site. Check this out:  

Two macrame hanging planters

What Yevgenia did this weekend

Back when I was a kid, when my friends were away on vacation in the summer I picked up this relaxing activity – macrame. It was fun, tedious and meditative. The hours would swish by unnoticed and my hands were busy. What else could I wish for back then? Even though I liked the process and technique I actually didn’t […]


Pure Green Magazine

So, really exciting news here! One of my travel mugs (Birch Design on black travel mug) is being featured in the upcoming #5 Pure Green Magazine issue. I’m thrilled that one of my designs is in this luxuriously beautiful and thoughtful publication about stylish green lifestyle, introducing the readers’ to the diversity in the green design and lifestyle […]


Custom glass votives

I thought I’d share this custom set of votives I recently made for one of my repeat customers. Currently I only have the Grass Fields and the Baby’s Breath on the votives in my store. Thought I was excited to try something new. I especially like trying the designs I wouldn’t normally  pick. So here […]

wagon full of orders

International orders backlog

It’s been a week since I can’t ship International orders. The post office is open but their computer system is down so they can’t sell postage. The same sad story online. My wagon is packed (and growing) with boxes and is ready to go as soon as USPS is operational. I am optimistic that it’s going to happen this […]

White lily in progress

Custom White Lily Cup

I tohught I’l start showing here all the custom orders I get to do. It’s pretty exciting for me because sometimes it’s flowers I don’t normally even think out. Today I’m working on a custom White Lily cup. Will post the finished product later.  

Bicycle planter

Delayed International Orders

It is a sunny day here in Brooklyn, NY. As if Sandy never happened… Except it did. I was happily logging 5 big orders ready to be shipped to the post office and imagine my surprise when I saw the post office open but not operational! I was incredibly disappointed to find out that I can only […]